The SlimScents® Solution-Specially Formulated SlimScents® Diet Pens®

The SlimScents® solution is a simple and painless answer to your lifelong battle with weight. Venise C., age 34, says, "I heard about SlimScents® from my aunt, and I thought I would give it a try because I wanted to lose some weight. I was amazed by the results, because I've tried dieting before and it didn't help. SlimScents® works without any effort and it's so simple! I recommend it to everybody I know."

You may be wondering why you need these special pens. Why not just sniff food? The crucial difference: sniffing food may increase your appetite for the food. Just as Pavlov's dogs salivated at the sound of a bell, individuals who sniffed food rather than specialized devices salivated and ended up consuming the food. In order for this technique to work (sniffing and tricking the brain into thinking you have eaten), the aroma molecules must be delivered to the olfactory system in the absence of an immediate opportunity to consume the food.

Second pen image The unique weight loss scents are embedded in 3 flair-type pens which are color-coded for each of the three specifically designed scents proven to assist weight loss

SlimScents® Diet Pens® have a special formulation of blended scents that are specially developed. If you use the same scent every day, it would lose its effectiveness, so you must alternate among the scents. You are to inhale gently three times in each nostril about five to six minutes before you eat, five to ten minutes after you eat, before you put any food in your mouth, even if it is just a piece of candy, and every time you feel the least bit hungry. Ideally, you should sniff at least ten times per day.

Although you are not aware of it, both of your nostrils are not equally open or closed at the same time. There is an olfactory cycle that occurs about every eight hours when one nostril is open and the other closed. That is why it is important to inhale three times on each side. Hold one nostril closed and take three deep, gentle sniffs. After each sniff, breathe out of your mouth and then alternate to the other side. The more you sniff the more you can lose. The SlimScents® Program is the weight-loss solution for which you have been searching. It is so simple and painless. Now by taking advantage of this amazing proven system, many people have been able to actually conquer and win their personal battle with the bulge!

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